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    are there any? apparently I cant get opera...
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    also, what is a good program to unzip files on your palm?
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    The only other browser I know of without java is Xiino. I'm not sure that it's being supported any more though. Resco explorer is the only program I've personally used for unzipping. Do a sarch and you will find your answer for this stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by detachable_dave View Post
    are there any? apparently I cant get opera...
    You CAN get opera.
    You need to download and install the IBM JVM for Palm.
    Search google with the terms ibm jvm palm.
    Torrent sites are your friend
    I'm running Opera and other Java apps on my Centro.
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    You can download JVM from the treocentral forums, do a search.
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    You can get Opera. It's a pain because you have to figure out how to download and install the proper JVM files too.

    So far, though, I have not been impressed with Opera. I'm sticking to Blazer for now. Maybe Opera just does not do well on Centro, even with the proper JVM files.

    Oh, and you're better off unzipping those JVM files on your PC, then moving what you need to the Palm. Opera Mini and JVM have to be installed on the phone, not your SD card in order to work, and you have a finite amount of space for things like this.
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    Opera Mini 4.2 was just released, and it runs a LOT smoother than 4.1 did for me.

    Sites load pretty fast overall, the zoom is more snappy (my previous version would hang for a second before performing the zoom), and there's now skin support. The skins aren't too great, but at least now I can keep the green theme flowing around my Centro...
    VZW Centro
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    That is a beta version but it is fantastic!
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    I just tried 4.2 and it hung my Centro while typing in the URL window.

    Going back to 4.1.10781...

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