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    I have a dead Centro. I have sent it for repair 3 weeks ago, I have exchanged numerous emails, send proof of delivery, and their last respond was "We are still contacting our repair centre and trying to recieve information on your device, but we still do not count with any updates on the matter."
    I'm really frustrated. I want my money back or a new phone yesterday.
    Where should I complained to?
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    You need to provided us with more info. What carrier do you have, where did you send your Centro too?
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    I have an unlocked GSM Centro and I have sent it to their repair center in UK.
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    I think you would get a better response by calling. Ask for everyones names and write them down. If no answers tell them to let you talk to a supervisor or someone that can actually help you.

    emails dont express a sense of urgency.

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