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    Ok, I've put off getting the phone fixed since I didn't want to lose any info like the texting. I also figured I could live with it, what if the replacement phone has problems that are worse?

    Some of my problems include the down button not working, which was an issue on here but it looks like all of the posts have vanished?

    The speaker is lousy for anything but speaker phone. Sprint TV, voice recordings with voice or music is awful.

    Lately the phone has been laggy, I don't have any apps on it, I know, believe it or not, just NV Backup, which I've never used. lol

    The touch screen was not responsive a couple of times recently, I had to keep tapping it.

    The phone had reset often on its own for a period a few months ago.

    Yes the phone is scratched and yes I've dropped it but I don't think these issues are related or are my fault. I don't think I should have to file it under an insurance claim, especially for the down button.

    Any thoughts or insight, I've put up with this for some time, I need to get this taken care of tomorrow I think! lol Thanks!
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    I dropped my Centro and the connection to the internet stopped working, so I don't think dropping them is a good idea. I am on Sprint but I had to call Palm for a warranty replacement, I did not tell them I dropped it. For $25 they sent me a replacement and then I sent them the bad one back. If they repair your phone you save the $25.

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