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    Hello everyone
    I use a gsm Centro and have been having some problem with Card Reader when accessing the sdhc card. I have Vista and maybe that has something to do with it, I just don't know. Sometimes when view the Launcher folder of the card, windows explorer freezes. I have to shut down my computer to get it working again.
    Has anyone experienced this? Would Softstick's Card Export work any better for me? I love accessing the card without actually taking the card out of my Centro.
    Any ideas or advice?
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    I used Card Reader and i have an original Sandisk MicroSDHC 4GB Card.
    Before that i was having an imitation Sandisk MicroSDHC 4GB Card and i was facing alot of problems to read/write and connect it to my PC and also alot of freezes.

    for me i found that Card Reader is better than Card Export.

    Dose you have an Original or Imitation MicroSDHC card?
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    How can I tell if I have an imitation one? I wish CardReader didn't freeze up my machine....I hate removing and handling the itsy bitsy little memory card to put in a usb card reader.
    And getting it out of and back into the Centro is no picnic
    either .
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    Two possibilities...

    1) Try reformatting the card. I can't remember the actual issue, but I think the SDHC cards perform better in Centros when they're formatted as standard SD and not SDHC. Do some research on that to verify my SWAG.

    2) You might have gotten a faulty MicroSD card. Name-brand cards are pretty inexpensive. I suggest going with one of those from an office store (Staples, Office Max, Office Depot, Ink Spot, etc.) where 4GB cards regularly sell for under $20.

    I've used Card Reader and the free PFB (Palm File Browser, aka filepc2pda) without much problem at all.

    Best of luck to you.

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