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    Great to hear!
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    Can anyone help troubleshoot? I followed the advice of these posts and I'm trying to look at my centro's sms database using TreoDesktop.

    I installed TreoDesktop. I transfered the Messages Database.pdb file to my pc (via microSD card, not hotsync). I opened TreoDesktop and tried to import the pdb file -- it didn't list it in the window, so I renamed it to 'smsdb.pdb' so that it would see it. It appeared to import the file, but there are no entries!

    There are over 2000 messages in the file and it's quite large -- over 30MB. Could this be the problem?

    Any help? Thanks!
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    I figured out the problem.

    For the Centro, you have to choose the "Treo 650..." option, so that it will see the "Messages_Database.pdb" file. Then I had to rename the filename to insert the "_" , since fileZ exported the file name as "Messages Database.pdb".
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