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    Just curious, how long have you had your Treo 680 and have been putting it to daily use?

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    Got mine since the launch date ... but, I only use it now as a GPS for my car and serious txting & e.mailing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bh77a View Post
    Just curious, how long have you had your Treo 680 and have been putting it to daily use?
    Feb '08. don't even know when it launched. Chose between Centro and 680 (stuck w/ AT&T obligation). Chose 680 for form factor. Pretty happy.
    -- Josh
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    Got mine January 2007, and it's looking a bit battered now! I've suffered from the dreaded dust under the screen, and it's now got to the point where this is causing the odd unrecognised key depression (I assume that's the cause anyway). That aside, I've been more than happy with it over the past 2 years. 99% certain to replace it with an HTC Touch HD in the next week or so, as Palm OS has nothing significantly new to offer.
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    I have another one for sale w/ a tomtom kit if anyone is intrested
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    Got mine December '07, still working great. I love the free car charger -- nice touch Palm!

    Been with Palm since the IIIc, so no qualms about it not being a Swiss Knife of sorts. It can manage my life, and it can do it well. Count me out of the upgrade-your-phone-everytime-a-new-one-comes-along bandwagon.

    This one's a keeper.

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    Since February 2008. Right before the Centro was released. Happy? Yeah. Of course part of being a geek is claiming that you're never quite happy with your device and always looking for a replacement!
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    I got mine on the morning of the 14th December 2006, and had fixed TomTom to run on it by that evening

    It's a solid device and I'm hard pushed to find anything better on the market even now almost two years later!
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    1 year 8 months. It still works but on and off it exhibits the 'phantom audio jack" problem and I have to give it a "blow job" otherwise it remains mute.
    The paint on my Home button has worn out and the whole unit feels laggy compared with my Centro.
    It's time to retire it as my data phone and the successor will be the Treo Pro.
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    18 months with my 680. Still using it but trying out a candy bar style WM06 smartphone for day to day usage & boy am I missing the QWERTY keyboard. I didnt think I would miss it too much as I was pretty decent with t9 text input.

    Tempted by the Treo Pro but out of budget at the minute.
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    I bought mine last week. Bought it second hand. It's in crimson red color. Been using it only for browsing, emailing and messaging.

    Love it.
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    Dec '06

    Been a pretty good phone. Want to stay Treo/Palm, not going to run Win Mobil, ever!

    Wondering if there will be an option for me in the future?? I may have to buy another 680 soon. Mine is beat up after two years on the road!!
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    Bought it the day it came out, have been using it ever since. Still going strong.
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    i have had mine since the beginning. still works great.
    morris stalk
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    I've had mine over a year, but it's been relegated to backup duty. Blackberry ate Palm's lunch for messaging, and Nokia is the multimedia king now with their N-series mobiles.
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    Got mine at launch. I can't remember when that was. Sometime around early 07 I think. It's still my main phone. Sure it crashes every once in a while, but I dig it. It's got 'phantom audio jack' issues as well, but easily correctable, and not so bad if I just stick to using the bt headset (btw, i didn't realize it was a general problem til i read this thread!). Otherwise, I still love all the cool smartphone things I can do with it.
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    had mine for 2 years. It's pretty beat up. Need international roaming, so Pre is way too far out for me. I might try a Verizon/GSM blackberry
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    I'm on my second 680, so obviously I love it! Keyboard is great, got loads of third-party programs, occasionally crashes, but very solid phone. My whole life's in there, so I back it up regularly. That ability to backup will be KEY in my considering the Pre.
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    I got my 680 th day it became available at the Cingular store in the Bay Area. I bought a 650 and a sony phone for my wife on blck Friday in 2006 when they had the 2 for 1 sale, then traded the 650 for the 680 the next week when they came in. The phone has been solid, especially with the updates. The extended battery that fits with the stock battery cover gets me through a long 36 hour day most of the time, but the lack of wifi and 3g is what makes me hope that the Pre will work for me. If not I'll hope that another phone with a similar form factor will do it. I am certain backing the phone up will be easy, given the wifi/usb drive options for connecting to another machine. I just hope the Pre offers hands free bluetooth headset auto answering or it will not work for me...
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    Just a few days ago... I've had a Treo 600 for about a couple of years and finally decided to upgrade...
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