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    I have a Palm Treo 755p
    and it was working fine until one day, i took teh battery out to try and save some power because i didn't have a charger, well when i put the battery back in the phone turned on like normal, but when i tried to go to the "phone" screen where you dial a number and access you call log and such, it didn't take me to it. the screen flashed like it was going to, but then it just went back to the same screen it was already on.
    i tried the numberous different ways you can call someone.
    by going to the menu
    clicking the phone button
    pressing the green button when in a text

    nothing worked. there is no way i can even attempt to dial out.
    it will only recieve calls, but texting and everything else works.
    anyone had similar problems?
    or input?
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    I've never experienced anything like that, but the obvious next step if I had that issue is to attempt a hard reset. Have you attempted a hard reset?
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    Did you try another reset?
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    i don't know how to do that.
    can you please explain?
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    I would try just pulling the battery and reinserting it.

    Before you do a hard reset, do you have a backup as it will wipe your phone clean. You can find how to do a hard reset from the user manual or from Palm's webpage.
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    it worked!
    thank you so much
    i really really appreciate the help.
    may have not seemed like much to you, but it's huge for me.
    thank you!

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