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    Hey everybody!

    Ever since getting my Centro almost a year ago, my Chatter has not been staying online if I switch to another app. My old Treo650 was able to always get messages in the background, even if I went to another application.

    I thought it was my specific phone, but I got a new phone, hotsynced, and still have the same issue.

    Is this a Centro issue? Or is there something I'm missing?

    BTW, I am using a MS Activesync account setup. I do have Offline unchecked, and I've tried deleting the mailbox and recreating it again.

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    BTW - I'm using the latest version - 3.0.18. Thanks!! I would love to get this fixed as the always on feature is what makes Chatter so great. (I have Versamail setup for a different Activesync account, so that's not a feasible workaround.)
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    Works fine on my Centro.
  4.    #4 seems to work fine if I switch it to secure IMAP. The Microsoft ActiveSync still doesn't work though. =(

    Too bad there isn't support for this app anymore!
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    It has been rock solid on my Centro. Do you have the Matrix SSL component installed? It won't be able to get a secure background connection without it.
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    Yeah, I do have the Matrix SSL component installed. Is there any way you can help by attaching the version you are using? I'm currently using the one you can get over the air but apparently it's not working. Thanks!
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    I'm also running version 3.0.18 of Chatter. Not sure what version of the Matrix SSL library but I think you can check that in the Chatter About box.

    Also, it just occured to me that I don't know what you mean when you say Chatter doesn't work for you when "using a MS Activesync account setup". I don't believe Chatter has ever supported MS ActiveSync. IFAIK it only supports Exchange server access via IMAP (and preferable Secure IMAP) connections. Did you see something in Chatter Account set-up that said MS ActiveSync???
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    Also, just an fyi. You can still get limited support for Chatter on their discussion forum or by emailing them at I just haven't had a need for support for a loooong time (since they stopped adding new features and released the final stable version).
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    Sorry, I meant Microsoft Exchange Account. Thank you!
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    I use my Exchange Server acct over the IMAP settings on my 680, since I can only get it to work the way it was meant when using my WM 750.
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    FWIW, if you don't need the fixes for gmail in version 3.0.18 then revert back to 3.0.9. This is what Marc recommends.

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