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    I'm using chatter for an imap account and was wondering if there is a way I can browse the folder list of the mailbox and the contents of each?
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    Once the folder list is downloaded, the folders chosen and configured that you want to access, then yes, you may browse to your eyes content.
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    ok, cool... I can't figure out how to do that. can you tell me how to do that...
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    As I understand and as I do on my install, you have to enter each folder as a new mailbox from the master account. When you change the source you need to hit "Reload Folder List" on the Define tab of the Account Definition dialogue box.

    Hopefully that helps...
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    The drop-down provides a list of available folders/boxes on the server that you MAY choose to set up on the device. Choose those folders from the drop down list that you want to set up on the device and then configure each of those folders from the drop down list. On the server I have 25 folders/boxes set up and on the 800W I have 10 set up. Four of the 10 are set up to sync. The same was done on my 700P and Centro - both running ChatterEmail.

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