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    Somewhere (possibly as part of a software download or something), I found a collection of 'memos' called "Triviopedia"- there must have been 3-4 dozen memos in it!

    Well, over time, I deleted most of them, and I want them back. I have been doing searches, but so far- zip.

    Anyone seen this around or have a copy they can legally share?
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    I think what you want is "Trivopaedia" which is available at PalmGear HERE and at Freeware Palm HERE.
    And at the creator's homepgae:
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    Thanks, Yorick!

    That is EXACTLY what I was looking for, and if I had not spelled it so badly, it probably would have showed up when I searched PalmGear the other day. Yeesh.

    Now... if I could just get it to hot sync. I imported it into the Palm Desktop memopad just like it said, but now I cannot seem to hot-sync it to my VDX? Grr!
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    Trivopaedia 1.1 is now available. It "includes updates to around a dozen categories, plus six new ones".
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