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    This started last night.

    When I try to make a network connection it displays the usual "Connecting to Power Vision" and "Signing on" messages, but not the "Establishing connection" one (I think that's what the other one says).

    Then I get an "Error: PPP timeout (0x1231)" message.
    (Anyone know what that means?)

    I've done numerous soft resets, removing the battery, I tried to restore my backup from before it happened, I did a warm reset and a hard reset and still get the same message when trying to make a network connection.

    My bills are up-to-date, so they shouldn't have shut off my access for any reason.

    It all started when I was taking a bath & my Centro started doing the endless hotsync loop thing that is common when moisture gets into the connectors at the bottom. So I got out & took the battery out for 20 minutes or so and it began working fine again, other than the network problem.

    Any help?
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    Okay, so last night I tried lots of ways to fix it, different reset orders, etc.

    After one hard reset, the web worked perfectly fine. Then I restored my NVBackup and it stopped working again. I tried and tried and couldn't get it to work again, so I just went to bed. Now, this afternoon, I just checked it again and it works! Maybe it just needed time to recalibrate itself..??
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    Call CS and ask for them to reprovision the phone.
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    and quit taking baths with your phone
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    i'm having the same problem. on w/ Customer Service at this moment. no help.
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    Still on with CS - Is anyone else having this issue?? Sprint is checking to see if there is an outadge in NYC
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    looks like there is something going on in NY. They made me flip my primary and secondary HH numbers (whatever that means) and said i should flip them back in 4 days.
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    Yea, my phone's doing it again (and I haven't taken another bath with it again!) so I'm calling CS right now.
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    So after an hour of being on the phone with CS, they still couldn't find the problem. She even called her 'boss' in to take a look at everything and see if he could help. I told her at first that I'd like her to re provision it and she just kinda brushed it off, then when the phone started to do it on its own she was like "huh. Guess you were right about that.."

    But she ended up putting a network flag on it and sent a ticket to the network techs, which should get to it 36-72 hours according to her.

    On the plus side, they thought it necessary to give me a $50 credit on my account for going without a network for a few days, so that'll be nice come next month!

    I'll update at any changes..
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    ok - so i didn't get the $50 credit - but got pretty much the same response.
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    Well I just got off the phone for the 3rd time.. they did the same thing, told me to reset the phone and it still wouldn't connect. They said it's a problem with my handset and submitted a ticket for me to get a replacement.

    So if I get the replacement and do an NVBackup from my SD card, will that be safe, or might it carry over the problem to the new device? Anybody think they know one way or another?

    Cause it'd be a shame to have to start all over..
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    It's could go either way. The easiest way to find out is to do a restore and see. If the problem happens again, do a hard set and then try a selective restore and just copy over specific things.
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    Oh, what a friggin headache!

    So in that last conversation I mentioned, the Sprint rep told me to go to a Sprint Store and they will give me a replacement.

    At the store, they said all they could do was file an insurance claim and have a replacement sent to my house. So I did it.

    They charged my account for the usual $50 deductable, which was no big deal, since I just got the $50 credit.

    So then I get home, and not an hour and a half later, the phone does an auto-update (like it's been trying and failing at for a couple days now) and starts making network connections perfectly.


    So I call CS once again to cancel my refurb & they said the order isn't in the system yet. They flagged my account to have it cancelled, but that's only if someone happens to see it.

    I called the store number listed on, and it's the store owner's voicemail saying to call this other number to reach him... well the other number gives a 'non-working number' message when I dial it.

    ..I'm getting the feeling that I'm going to get charged the $50 and a refurb Centro is going to show up on my doorstep in 10-16 days...

    But I made sure the CS tech made a note on my file that I need a reimbursement, so I SHOULD still get it if they don't cancel the order.. right?

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