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    Hey all! I'm new to the Centro, but I've used the Treo before. Anyway, I've messed with my Centro and pretty much have a good amount of apps installed.

    I just have several questions, that maybe only certain people can answer. They may seem pretty stupid, but hey, I'm curious! I have searched and couldn't find answers to them.

    1. If I were to install 4cast, a weather program that downloads its information from Yahoo!, how would it go about getting the information on the weather? I would think through my service providers internet ( T-Zones?). If so, does that mean I'd be getting charges for that?

    2. Which is better, iPhoneImitation or Touch Launcher? I have Touch Launcher, but it seems a little bit unorganized... Or perhaps iSpin or that new MAC OS X theme?

    3. Are there any other good apps that people feel necessary I should have?

    Thanks for your help! I'm always weary of all the things that may happen if I use apps that cause charges on my phone bill. lol.
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    1. it would go through the internet connection (assuming you use the OTA method) so charges would apply. 4Cast does have a hotsync update method so you wouldn't have to use the internet connect per se.

    2. TreoLauncher, I don't have much experience with the two you listed.

    3. There is a long thread on this topic in the Centro forum. Give that one a read. (I think it was called top 5 apps. There have been similar threads on the 755, 700p, 680 forums and they would also apply.)
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    Thanks man. I appreciate you answering my questions. I was looking for that thread actually lol. Thanks again!
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    I have both Touch Launcher and Treo Launcher.
    Touch Launcher is nice but it does take a long time to set up how you want it.
    Treo Launcher is the one I use most. It is very much like the launcher that come with the phone with exception you can customize it. I made my background black and changed a couple other things. Like the Touch Launcher it takes time to set up.

    For Weather I use xWeather (requires a data plan)
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