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    Can Kinoma play AVI videos?. it does not show them in the file list.
    any help is appreciated. TCPMP can show and play the AVI file I have OK. but would like to use Kinoma as my multimedia player for all files.
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    Can Kinoma play AVI videos?
    No, we consider it a dead file format. I know it's still used for one specific maybe-not-legal type of content, but those files are easily transcoded using any number of tools (including our own Kinoma Producer).

    Or you can just watch them via Orb, which will transcode them on the fly.

    -- Charles Wiltgen
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    Both AVI File and converted Mpeg-4 file play on Tcpmp well but mpeg-4 does not play well on Kinoma(choppy). Not sure what the problem is.

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