This is what happens when I try to install USB Modem

When I go to "Enable Modem Mode"
It disconnects me from my phones internet.
I then press "Disable Modem Mode"
and try connecting to my network and then I get this message:

Error: can not connect to the internet because a dial-up network session is active. End the DUN session and try again.

I read the pdf file and when I did my inital setup through my PC
I clicked the wrong option on the setup wizard.

So I tried un/re installing it on my 755, and i wasn't able to get the setup wizard to pop-up on my pc... saying that it was searching for my device.
* I don't know if this has anything to do with anything*

Please help

Someone wrote this on another thread.
Can someone please explain this to me????
What did they mean by all this.

You can log on using USB Modem after installing the modem drivers without using a username or password. Just have it dial #777. In fact, you can setup the DUN connection to not prompt you for the username and password. I made it match all the settings for PDANet since it connects the same way. The only difference is USB Modem requires a USB modem driver and PDANet uses ActiveSync to interface with the computer.