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    Don't have a good picture of it, but the silver part around the screen of my 755p has blue spots all around it. Anyone else get this? They are little dots, looks like someone dabbed a sharpie on it very lightly 100's of times. They are all lightly blue/grey. I suspect maybe from being in the pocket of my bluejeans? Anyone know if they can come off? Looks kind of bad now.
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    You carry your Treo in the pocket of your bluejeans? Brave soul. If you have Levis (or mayber another brand), the silver part of your phone my be hitting them and causing them to flake off a little bit. On my 755p, the naviagation button has a little ding on it, the silver is not there, and it shows dark there. Not very noticeable and I'm not sure how I got it. I'm also not sure what the color is under the silver coating. I assume it's plastic, and most likely black. What color of 755p do you have?
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    If it's spots ON the phone, rather than the silver coming off, here are a couple of things to try. The key is you want to use as gentle a cleaner as possible.

    First, I'd try eye-glass cleaner. Spray some on a soft cloth, and rub the spots.

    Anything stronger, be sure to keep it off the screen:

    You might try some windex. Again, put it on the cloth, not the phone.

    If that doesn't work, you might try GooGone or Goof-Off. But be real careful to keep it off the screen.

    If that doesn't work, I think you're hosed.
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