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    I've been digitizing all my older LPs and storing them on the computer. So now, I'd like to dump a LOT of music to some SD cards that I can take on the road and use with my Treo650.

    The app that ships with this is RealPlayer and that can be a PITA. WMP doesn't seem much sharper.

    Is there an easy way to say "Look, all these MP3s in THIS folder, that have the same artist and album tag on them? They're an album, really, and I want a PLAYLIST that lets me select them and play them that way, as an ALBUM!"

    Since there's already some 50 albums and 300 more to come...I don't want to play hunt and peck with Realplayer on the phone, putting together playlists.

    Don't really care what app I use, as long as it is free and simple. And, unlike RealPlayer, it shouldn't just lock up the phone from time to time when it sees too much music.<G>

    Any suggestions?
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    Pocket Tunes should provide what you want although they do not have a free version.

    Word of warning: you limited memory on the 650 may be what causes issues with some music programs.
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    Thanks. WRT the limited meory, I assume you mean PT may just be too big to load into the phone? Or that RP is sometimes crashing because IT is demanding too much memory?

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