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    I've had my Palm 755p for about 6 months and have had good service. This week, however, I have developed a glitch which I can't pinpoint and resolve.

    For some reason, every 20 to 25 minutes, my unit will vibrate. This is so whether the unit is charging or sitting quietly on my desk or in my holster next to me. I have asked the Sprint "experts" as well as their counterpart with Palm and all they can suggest is that I back up the unit and do a hard reset. I've done that once and the vibration is still present. Please note that it will still ring and vibrate when a call is coming in, all of this in addition to periodic vibrating.

    Can anyone suggest a cure?

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    After a hard reset, do you immediately re-install any third-party software?

    I would suggest leaving the device in it's OEM factory condition for a bit after the hard reset just to try to narrow down the possible culprits. If the issue still occurs after a hard reset with nothing but the OEM "out-of-the-box" software on it, then it may simply be the device. I know Sprint replaced a friend's 755p for him after one of his buttons got mashed... perhaps this may be an option for you as well if its found to be the device.

    Just my .02.... kinda shootin' in the dark here.

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    Could be that I reinstalled the data too quick after the hard reset. I will try that option again and let it sit for a while.

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