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    Maybe you guys can help me.. I've searched a lot of "poor battery life" threads and still didn't find a solution to my problem

    I have an Siedo 2600 extended battery for my treo 700p and I am getting pretty poor battery life... losing about 1% every two and a half minutes.

    bluetooth is off
    ir beam off
    data connection (grey).. however I occasionally get those blue up and down arrows for no apparent reason

    I remember a thread some time ago about that little cross-hair/bulls-eye icon on top of the phone screen and how it was a potential culprit (if it was flashing irregularly)... mine is... could someone point me to that thread?

    Also, I am hearing that general treo noise that occurs when you navigate through your icon menu when I am not using my phone. It occurs twice "click click" and then nothing.. might this be a program working in the background draining my battery life?

    What's the best program to see whats running in the background, and does this issue sound familiar to anyone?

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    What is your battery life like if you turn off the radio? Still a drain?
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    I have not, I realize battery drain can be caused by a plethora of issues. I was hoping that one of the two I described might be the culprit and guidence on solving one of those issues can be provided...

    If I have no luck there, I'll try turning the radio off.
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    hmmm .. an email program maybe?? alerts blinking light?? a program running itself in the background - yes - there is a plethora of reasons and almost impossible for us to guess at lol

    the little bullseye can be turned off under "phone preferences" and turning the location to 911 only - it shouldnt affect battery life though ... but then who knows, phones are finicky these days!
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