My wife has a Palm Centro. When making a call and receiving no answer, instead of hearing the voicemail message, the sound goes silent - the call isn't dropped, the phone still thinks it is connected, but there is no audio at all. The person on the other end gets a voice mail, but the message is always just a low hum of static noise. This happens probably 9 out of 10 calls. I also have AT&T and she can always hear my voicemail and leave message so this may only happen when calling non-AT&T cell phones.

AT&T has already swapped out the phone once and both phones have the exact same problem. At an AT&T store, they put a different SIM card in the centro and still had the same problem. Also, tried the original SIM card in a different phone, and did not have the problem - so that rules out any potential SIM card issues (not that I suspected that anyway).

After hours on the phone with tech support (which they informed were not free minutes), and after three visits to AT&T stores (including two different stores today so they could check the SIM card) AT&T tech support's next step was to format the computer used to sync the phone. Their thought was that the computer has a virus which is transferred to the aphone which is causing this problem (though every other feature works fine except this voicemil issue). My wife was in the AT&T store when they gave her this rather drastic instruction so that is where the call ended. I will not be formatting my hard drive, but we do have another computer that we could sync to as a test of this theory. I am a former computer technician, update and run virus scans frequently (my screen saver even is the avast virus scanner). Frankly, I think this is a long shot solution at best.

They did offer to send another Centro to us, but since we've already done that once, that is not the preferred solution. Tech support refused to send a comprable phone until we jump through more hoops including the hard drive format (and who knows how many more steps).

Is this a network problem (we are in downtown Philadelphia)? Is this a phone problem? Something else? Any ideas? Anyone else have this problem?

Thanks in advance for any and all help!