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    Hey guys what do you think about this? I guess many of us has seen icons that just look damn ugly. And on the other hand we've seen some amazing looking icons.

    I guess this applies more to color devices than grayscale ones. But anyway everyones opinions count

    Here are some of the ugliest icons I've ever seen in my Prism:

    -PrintBoy (come on Bachmann, I think it is time to add color to this bad boy)

    -TextPlus (another great bad looking application, needs some color)

    -Four.Zero (great application with a color icon but ugly)

    -Remote (not as great as the ones before but color is a must)

    Great looking ones in my Prism:
    -Ababall ( the best icon I've ever seen in a Palm OS device)

    -Eyemod2 ( simple but looks just great in color)

    -Zap!2016 ( the best game icon I've ever seen )

    -WordSmith ( another great icon)

    What are your choices guys?

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    My faves are:
    • CustIt
    • DrawIt
    • Jovian
    • Xenoprobe
    • Hell Clock
    • WordSmith

    There are too many bad ones to count.
    Of course, my absolute faves are the ones I personally draw for my applications.
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    My faves:

    [list=a][*]Album To Go[*]Ababall[*]Alchemy[*]NetWalk[*]Shapez[*]Vegas Video Slots[*]Khroma[*]AppForge Booster[/list=a]

    Need to be updated:

    [list=a][*]Golf Card[*]PocketGammon[*]Pocket Expess Blackjack[/list=a]
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    I like the blocks (tetris) icon. It looks kinda like a screenshot from the game, miniturized.

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    Just icon appearance, correct?

    HotChick Database
    Zap 2016

    Ditto on the too many bad ones remark. There are many other good ones but not on my Visor to remember.
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    Originally posted by Winchell

    Of course, my absolute faves are the ones I personally draw for my applications.
    I know what you mean. I've probably designed about 20+ of my Prism's icons. I back them all up in a resource file if I ever upgrade the programs.

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