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    I've got a brand new 755p, from Sprint. Several times in the last couple of days, the phone gave me a message saying my battery was almost empty, and the phone would be shutting down. Sure enough, the batter meter showed an empty battery.

    But doing either a soft reset (via TreoLauncher) or pulling and replacing the battery brought me back to a much higher battery level, sround 65% the first time, a bit over 50% the second time, etc. And battery discharge appeared to be normal until later in the day, when suddenly the meter dropped to zero again, and then back up after a reset.

    This was with an aftermarket 1600ma battery, so I'm wondering if it's a weird battery issue, or what. I'll run with just the OEM battery for the next day or two and see what happens.

    Has anyone ever run into this before? Or have any ideas what might cause it? I don't think the battery is really drained, I think the display is off.

    All the software running on this 755p was also running on my 700p, except for one thing, and I never had this issue. I actually have less software running now that I did on the 700. The biggest difference is the version of Versamail, which I"m using to access my corporate exchange server.
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    I experienced something similar with a used 755p (Sprint) that was purchased over eBay. That "battery critically low" message popped up and the device shutdown... not knowing the phone's history, it was thought that the OEM battery could possibly be bad. Thankfully, there are 4 different 755p's in my family (all on OEM batteries), so we decided to swap the batteries & this is where it got weird.

    The eBay Treo got a battery that was at 70% according to another Treo that we will just call Treo #2 for the purpose of this discussion. Once the swapped battery was in the eBay treo, it only showed 29% battery life left. To make things even stranger, we tried the "thought-to-be-dead" battery from the eBay Treo in Treo #2 and it showed a surprising 65% battery life left.

    After reading a few threads on TreoCentral about having to recharge the aftermarket batteries a few times when you first get them before they reach maximum capacity, I thougth this would be worth a try. So, without changing the batteries back, we let both Treos drain completely down until they displayed the "Shutdown" message. Then left both of them to charge completely back up. This was done roughly one month ago and so far neither Treo has experienced any unusual battery life or further issues yet.

    Sorry for the lengthy post... hopefully, this is of at least some use for ya.

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    Thanks for the reply. I've discharge the battery all the way, and recharged it. We'll see if that solves the issue.
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