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    Sorry if it's a stupid noob question, I searched first but alas, no results. Any way I can print the call log for business reimbursement purposes? Thanks in advance.
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    To my knowledge you can't print or export the call log.
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    I use TAKEphONE. With it, you can select a contact from your call log, save to Journal, which is then put into your calendar. Viewing the notes from that Journal (via calendar, or in my case, I use DateBk6), you will get details of that particular call. (ie time; incoming (or outgoing) call from (or to) 'John Doe', phone number, length of call.) If you have, let's say 10 calls, in one day, each time you save to Journal, each call detail will all get entered into the same Journal.

    You can either view the Journal from your cellphone, or after you hotsync, you can see it in your Palm Desktop. From there, you could always copy/paste the notes details of that Journal into a word document.

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    Theres also a program that called TreoDesktop and it imports not only your call log but also your chat logs. It will allow you to back them up and print them.

    Do a search and you will find it. I love the program.
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    Thank You all for the responses
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    TreoDesktop works great for this. You can export it to Excel as well, and print it.
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    Here is a utility called TopCallLogTool 1.2 that looks like it will be able to export the call log database to a handy CSV file. From there you can print the call log out! I haven't tried it myself, but hope this works.
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