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    I recently got a Sprint 755p, upgraded Versamail to 4.0.1 (from the Centro), and set up EAS with my work exchange server. It's working great, but I seem to have a problem syncing through the HotSync manager now.

    When I plug into my PC and run hotsync, it syncs everything EXCEPT calendar and contacts. I've tried setting hotsync manager to synchronize and to handheld overwrites desktop, to no avail. And I've tried synching to Outlook and to Palm Desktop.

    All I can figure is that because it's synching those items over the air, it won't sync them through Hotsync. That might be ok for the work PC, but I want to sync with my home PC, too, not just my corporate one., and it won't back up my calendar entries of contacts there, either.

    Has anyone seen this problem before? Any known solution, other than disabling Versamail EAS? Are there any 3rd party solutions to getting my updated appointments and contacts into Palm Desktop?


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    Enabling EAS disables local syncing for contacts and calendar. This is by design. Outlook should be syncing directly with your EAS server too so there is no need to sync locally with the treo.

    That is the plan but most people don't set up their home Outlook (or Palm Desktop if it is even possible) to sync with the EAS server.
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    I don't do EAS but understand there are a couple of options you need to change deep in menus to reenable desktop sync of those conduits. Google is your friend.

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