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    When I upgraded from 650 to 755p I was unable to install Desktop from the disk at all, so gave up and installed the download Access. I really miss the colors and the birthdays - since Access won't write them in any time soon: 1> Anyone know how or if I can go back to 4.x on Vista (4.1.4 ran fine on Vista with my 650 but the 755p instructions said not to sync with the old software). 2> Why can't someone write an add-on program to put the colors and birthdays back in the calendar?
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    I win. I have Desktop 4.2 running just fine on Vista.
    What I did:
    1. Uninstall Access desktop version
    2. Reboot Computer
    3. Turn off ALL running programs, disconnect from internet and close antivirus.
    4. Insert installation disc that came with Treo 755p
    5. Autorun. Uncheck download latest settings from internet (because you are off-line).

    Installed. Works great. Installs programs and files to Treo. Sync's. No problems. I am one happy camper

    - Gypsy Jane,

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