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    Does a Wifi Mirco SD Card Exist? Will it work with Centro?

    Where I live, Long Island, NY, my cable modem supplier just launched Wifi for anyone with a cable modem account. The service is up and running and would love to be able to use the wifi for web browsing if a micro sd card is avail. Thanks
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    Yes there is. Google Spectec WiFi and take a look. Since the SD one I have works with the 700p versions, I would assume it would work on the Centro.
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    is mini the same as micro?
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    Also, it says that it supports windows, the Centro is Palm, does anyone know if this will work?
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    As far as I know, the Spectec has a plan to launch, but have
    been delayed a number of times and you can't find any vendor
    that currently sell microSD Wifi Card.

    Problem is that Centro has only 1 microSD slot and you will have
    to give up the external memory slot, among other things.
    From my past experience with other Palm OS devices,
    WiFi cards only work if it is specificly designed for Palm OS.
    I would do my research before purchasing even if it comes
    on the market.
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    Are you saying that you have a WiFi SD Card and it works for Internet access on your Treo 700p? To my Knowledge, you can't get WiFi on any of the Treos or the Centro using the Palm OS. ...unless you use some of Shadowmites custom ROM tricks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by originog View Post
    is mini the same as micro?
    Very good question, the answer:NO. Look at this

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