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    Now that I've had tons of fun with FineType and loaded and unloaded a zillion fonts, my font list is huge even though I only have a few fonts actually installed. How do I clear out the unwanted entries?
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    Right now, to delete a FT font, you need to use a file manager- anytype, there is some freeware. PiMover works, etc.. the only thing that doesn't work is the standard mover. Than look for files that are the font name with the letters "FT" in them. Delete them, and they should be gone. If they aren't out of the list, but you are sure their gone, delete WSftdb - or something like that, it's <1k, and it contatins the list. Wordsmith will rebuild that list, next tiem you start up.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Thanks, the file name was WrdS_FontDB. Deleting it worked like a champ!

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