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    I keep getting text messages from 118012222269 OZMAIL. The message doesn't make any sence : CI+5801C027EDED6460C263E4721AF779AMC=1
    I called Verizon and they had me block my texting for 24 hours, which as soon as it was activated again, it started up, I get about 5-10 of these a day. Any one who can help?????
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    Isn't this an alert message for youe email app?
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    I don't think so. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with my email. I have and gmail as email providers.
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    What email client are you using on your phone?
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    I finally found out it is an alert for my email. I talked with Verizon at length, and they finally figured it out. I reinstalled mobile email from Verizon and now I don't get those annoying texts. Thanks for all your help!
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    Send text message of "stop" to "4884"
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    Tried it and it doesn't work.

    Tried changing the PW on the account and it still didn't work.

    Reinstalled Mobile Email and cannot find a way to inactivate eMail notification.

    Spent 90 minutes on the phone with Verizon and they can't figure it out either...
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    Just re-install it, turn off all your auto-sync settings and then delete it. That will take care of it if you've done it correctly.
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    I had the same issue and after a very time-consuming research I was able to figure out what's going on. Here is the issue and what's causing it:
    OZmail is actually not spam, it's a simple email alert and it's part of Verizon (or, better to say, a service that Verizon is using for its Mobile email application).

    You don't see the name OZmail anywhere unless you go into the Program files and look for the MobileEmail application, the .exe file is called OZmail.

    Here's what happens. If you switch to another email application and uninstall the MobileEmail program from you phone/PPC without removing your mobile accounts first - your data is still saved in OZmail server. After you remove the application (or when you do a hard reset) - OZmail can't send you the email alerts anymore but is still trying to get a hold of you when you get an email. So it's doing it via a text message. Verizon states that the message is free and no charges apply. Anyhow, you should not be charged for this. If you were - contact customer service and they'll get the charges removed for you.

    Here's a few solutions on how to stop the messages.
    (I tried sending STOP to 4884 - but it didn't work. May work for some, but didn't work for me).

    Solution #1. If you liked using MobileEmail and would like to keep using it - simple reinstall it on your phone and activate your accounts again. You'll start receiving emails and the SMS alerts will stop. Here's where you can get the MobileEmail application (from a Verizon smartphone): (you can only access it from a phone, not from a PC/laptop).

    Solution #2. If you don't want or can't use MobileEmail anymore - call Verizon tech support and they will get you removed from the OZmail server. It may take a few days for the messages to stop.

    Solution #3. Again, if you don't want to use MobileEmail and don't want to talk to tech support (or they don't seem to be aware of the OZmail issue and are not helpful) - you can do the following: install MobileEmail on your phone/PPC (see the link above), re-activate your accounts (make sure you do not check "remember the password"), then remove your accounts, and then go in to your email from your computer and change your passwords. This way OZmail won't be able to access your accounts anymore.

    Solution# 4. If you're too lazy to do any of the above - you can wait 4-5 days and the messages will stop. Verizon says it takes a few days for OZmail to actually figure out that your account in MobileEmail is not active anymore.

    This is it.

    Hope this helps!


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