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    I just bought SadDisk 8GB MicroSD card that is on Sale
    at Staples. It works well on my Centro and selling for $24.99.

    Good price.
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    Thanks for the tip. :-)
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    Just a note - the card is a Class 2 card - I have a 2gb Class 2 card and compared to my 4gb Class 6 card the speed in the read write is night and day - I would recommend at least a Class 4 card in that size for faster reads and writes.

    my .02cents
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    Thanx for the tips...
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    Yeah, go with the SanDIsk 16GB, which is a Class 4.
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    I agree that this is slower card.
    I own Class 2, 4, and 6 cards and it does make difference in some cases.
    However, I must say the price and being readily available at
    Staples makes this good option for many.

    Let me explain:
    When copying files using card reader, Class 2 and Class 6 card
    doesn't have much of a difference if you are using USB Sync Cable.

    If you actually take out the card and put in the computer card reader
    to copy files, there is a world of difference between class 2 and class 6.

    For me, I don't take my cards out of Centro because it is a pain in the ***.
    So for my purpose class 2 is just as good as class 6 and it is cheaper.
    Why waste money if Centro wasn't designed to take advantage of Class 6
    when it is kept inside the port that is difficult to access?

    Headcase, I agree that 16GB is good option if you have money,
    but $24.99 for 8GB card that is known to be very reliable on Centro
    is very good option for many.
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    I think just as long you stick with proven brands such as San Disk that has historically worked well with Palm products, then you'll be fine. Agree the Centro probably won't take advantage of anything above Class 2, but anecdotal reports do state different brands do work better. If you do take the card out and put in a card reader, then a Class 6 will be faster than a Class 2 in a card reader. I also used the $10 program called Card Reader which allows free access to my MicroSD card via USB cable to the Centro. BTW, I do have a Class 6 San Disk MicroSD 8GB card and have been quite happy with it.

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