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    For those of you who grew up on Arcade games (Gallaga,
    Gun Smoke, Ikari Warriors), there is a great program called
    PalmMAME which allows to turn your Palm device into
    an Arcade Box. I have tried it on my Centro and I love it.
    There are literally hundreds of games you can play, and
    I actually like this one better than LJP since the games
    available to PalmMAME are the games I used to put coins
    in and played against my friends growing up.

    If you have any questions, I will be happy to help and also
    the developer, Andrew Kearns, have been super helpful
    in figuring out how to tweak the setup to optimize for
    my Centro.

    You can download at
    Just passing on the info as it was immensely enjoyable for me.
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    Does the download include any games? If not, where do you get the games?
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    Do a search for v.36 mame roms.
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