This may be esoteric, but has anyone had problems getting TAP protocol activated by AT&T?

Apparently I need TAP protocol in order to receive automated text paging from my hospital switchboard from their messaging software. I have a Treo 680 from AT&T with voice and text service but I don't waste $20/month on data. So I called AT&T. They said that to get this TAP protocol turned on, it costs $9.99/month AND I'd also have to pay for data service at $20/month! My colleagues using Verizon devices (regular cellphones or Blackberries, no difference) get TAP for free regardless of whether they have a data plan.

Is this crap true? I do NOT want to pay $30/month extra just for the luxury of having my business text message me in this nifty way. An old-fashioned phone call would be acceptable if I save $30/month.

Has anyone gotten TAP protocol service from AT&T for free (my favorite price)?

-- Josh