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    in my search I found plenty for this issues with the w's but nothing for us.

    755p, Access desktop, win vista.

    Frequently some, not all of my appointments will change time zones for no reason.

    I don't travel, its set to auto and there doesn't seem to be a patteren for when it happens. I have palmary clock and the world clock they are the only two progs that use a timezone function

    Yes, I have the firmware.
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    I've had this problem with my Alltel 755p since the day I got it nearly one year ago. Palm time was set for auto time and zone, then time only. Now set to manual and NVBackup updates the atomic time once every day. Palm time kept putting me in Denver! I'm in Kansas.

    Called Palm no-support and their answer was, of course......HARD RESET! I had no 3rd party apps on the device but the un-supporter kept telling me that I have a 3rd party software conflict.

    Since setting time update to manual I have had no more problems. IMO, I think there is a bug in the Palm software and Palm rarely updates/fixes their software. You just have to buy a newer device to get their fixes.
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    Thx I was kinda thinking about setting it to manuel. I'll give it a try
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    in nv backup, which timeserver do you use?
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    I have to change it every once in a while. Sometimes it no longer connects and I have to try some of the other locations. I think the results are all the same.
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