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    Does anyone know if Softick Audio Gateway (SAG) works with the LG MSB-100?

    I have tried everything (twice). VZN 755p software is updated. SAG is latest version. Have followed the install instructions to the letter.

    I can pair the speakerphone and use in normal mode. But the moment I select it with SAG the phone freezes and all hell breaks loose.

    On the few occasions that I have been able to "activate" SAG, when I close and go to pTunes, when I click to listen the BT connections fails and the audio come out the 755p speaker.

    Any suggestions?

    Is there an alternative to SAG?

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    Only alternative to SAG is to switch to a different handset running a more modern OS than Garnet that support BT A2DP natively.

    You might want to consider swithing the LG out for Moto wiress headphones. Those seem to be a bit more popular and more widely supported by SAG. Other than that, I don't have any alternate ideas. Sorry!
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