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    Someone stole my factory unlocked treo 680. Seeing as Palm no longer offers unlocked versions, I Ebay'd a replacement. It was a Cingular phone. Now that I have synch'd it, I now have a Two MyTreo applications and a Get Good that I don't need on the phone. Anyone know what they are called on the Delete screen so I can get rid of them?
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    They are in the ROM. You cannot just "delete" them.
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    I'd buy that if I didn't have 2 different MyTreo apps, one AT&T branded, one unbranded.
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    Sorry, dude, but you can't delete them. You have two options...

    1) get a custom ROM in which trivial unused apps have been deleted. Many on this forum have done it, most seem pleased, but I really couldn't say whether their Treo experiences thereafter are less buggy, more buggy, or overall better. Others may comment. Being a patient and risk-averse type myself, I did not try this option, I do option 2...

    2) declutter your apps by making categories, leaving unused icons in the "unfiled" category, which means they don't bother you when you're looking at categories you do use. For instance, I have categories of Medical, Games, Music & Pics, System, Utilities, Persnl Info Mgr, BeepWebMail, and probably 1-2 I'm forgetting. "GetGood" and "MyTreo" and "QuickTour" (am I remembering that right?) appear in none of these. When I want to open a medical app at work, my medical category has everything I need to choose from and nothing that I don't need to choose from. I've heard that there is an option 3...

    3) get an app which allows you to make the icon invisible, which again means it clutters your app lists less. Just like in option 2, it's still there, still taking up RAM memory, but at least the icon is gone. Since onboard memory on the Treo 680 and later is not such an issue (the way it was on 650), I'm not terribly intent upon getting these apps off the device altogether.

    Hope that helps.
    -- Josh
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    Sad to say, but you're stuck with that Carrier SPAM on your device. I use the #3 option above by using a free app called "Invisible". Allows you to select all the apps that you want to make the icons disappear for. It really cleans up the UI clutter.
    Patrick Horne
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    Yes - option three would work well. Many third party launchers can also hide applications you don't want to see; I use Initiate and have licenced ZLauncher, both offer this...
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    I use Treo Launcher and can customize it so carrier app never show.
    Florida Tony
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    Quote Originally Posted by floridatony View Post
    I use Treo Launcher and can customize it so carrier app never show.
    I have the Unlocked GSM custom ROM, but still use Launcher X to "hide" the files I don't normally want to see also.

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