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    would there be any issues restoring an NVBackup from my 755P to a Centro? Both are with Sprint. Centro is the replacement for my 755P.
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    You could but there are usually little quirks here and there. You are better off just hotsyncing the PIM data and installing all of your apps from scratch and have a nice clean setup. If you don't hotsync at all, you could beam your PIM databases to the new phone and then beam the programs you want.
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    I do hotsync. I forgot about beaming PIM. If I do hotsync and use the same user name, will that restore just PIM or programs too?
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    that will restore everything. Search for hotsyncing new device. Long story short: rename your backup folder on your computer first.
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    Rename the Backup folder on your computer before you sync. That will ensure no system or prefs files with the same name but configured for the old hardware will not be installed. You can find complete directions by typing upgrade in the search box in Palm's Knowledge Library ( Be sure to read the newer article, first digit is 2 I believe.

    Then check your third-party applications, some have been updated for Centro,

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