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    anyone out there know of a way to transfer a JPEG to a compact flash card without using a compact flash card reader or other words is there any palm software that will allow me to dump it onto the flash card during hotsync, etc. and allow it to remain as a JPEG?

    i did try "filebox" by megasoft; however, when i copied the file to the compact flash card it automatically assigned it a ".PDB" extension.
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    Would using a file utility to rename the file from something.jpg.pdb to something.jpg work?
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    You're better off springing for a CF reader/writer(~$30). If you had an Eyemodule2 and a MemPlug-CF, I have a theoretical way for you to get JPEG's onto the external memory card via a Hotsync and *then* a JPEG extraction. I have a feeling you have neither.

    If you do, make sure you've installed the EyeDrop software that came with the Eye2. Then drag the JPEG's you want installed on the CF onto the EyeDrop icon so they'll be synced to the Eye2 DB at the next Hotsync. Then download EyeSplit or possibly EyeBackup(?) from Palmgear. These programs allow users to extract their EM2 JPEG's to a MemPlug external memory card. Install EyeSplit via Hotsync. Then run EyeSplit and it will extract your JPEG's to a subdirectory on the external memory card.
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    i will eventually get a compact card reader, just trying to do this with as few extras as possible; would be interested in trying to rename the file on the card; however, cant seem to find any software/utilities that can rename files on handheld (PALM OS)

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    Originally posted by ashmed
    Would using a file utility to rename the file from something.jpg.pdb to something.jpg work?
    No. PDB is more than just an extension - it's a very special format for the data in the file. A PDB file contains header information, AppInfo chunks, SortInfo chunks, a record list, and a collection of database records. The JPEG file was chopped up into pieces and stored in those database records. Just renaming the file back to a .jpg won't convert it back to JPEG file format any more than renaming a .bmp file will convert it to a JPEG. Only the utility that put the JPEG into the PDB file can get it back out.
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