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    What can be done with a phone like this? is there a way to change an internal part for the esn chip? i took a 650 apart once and there was a chip for the esn,
    so is there anything that can be done?

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    Weeeeellll..... you COULD clone the ESN, but seeing as it's illegal AND me telling you how to do it would get me banned, I suggest just keeping it for parts & getting a new phone.
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    you can either call the carrier that claims its a bad esn and try to resolve the problem (is it really lost or stolen or does the orig owner still owe $$$ to carrier?) or you can activate it on another carrier with the same technology (cdma). if this is a sprint phone you can activate on cricket or metro pcs but data connection doesn't work. you can also sell on ebay, just be honest and list it as bad esn from whatever carrier is claiming a bad esn.

    remember, nothing is physically wrong with phone. the carrier just "blacklisted" the phone.

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    a friend of mines has Cricket. I don't think he has data so he should be able to get a resonable deal on a CDMA phone with a bad ESN right?
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    have you friend call his/her local cricket dealer and see if they can activate the desired phone on the network. most will reflash the phone to cricket and you are all set. there is no need to mention bad esn, because it is not a bad esn at cricket. Make sense?
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    You can get the phone flashed to work with Cricket, but I would be concerned about why the ESN was bad. If the phone was stolen, then there could be issues of not just the ESN but the serial number coming up as bad if you ever have to have the phone worked on.

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    yea i guess a spare parts is what it will end up as, the 650 looked like there was a chip or something that actually said esn on it and when i looked inside the 755 its all integrated. what id love to do is figure out how to take the camera off and somehow connect it to an ipod and use that for the storage. any ideas??

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