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    Hi all,

    After all these years that developers create software for our phones, let's pay tribute to those who are most creative - who have developed the greatest number of software meant for Treo or Centro only.

    The first candidate is my company, RNS:: who developed 12 shareware and 2 freeware applications especially for Treo and Centro smartphones:
    • TopAreaCodes - See your caller's city/state name and area map when your phone rings.
    • TopCallLogTool - The set of tools performing call log operations that Treo phones are missing.
    • TopCameraTimer - Self timer for the built-in Camera application on your Treo smartphone.
    • TopCommandBar - Rediscover command bar - the feature that is missing on Treo phones!
    • TopCrashLog - Displays the complete crash log of your Treo smartphone.
    • TopGuardEx - Extend and customize the functionality of the Keyguard on your Treo phone.
    • TopHomeFix Hack - Restores the Home button functionality on Treo 680 and 700p phones.
    • TopNaviText - Quickly move the blinking cursor around text fields with the 5-Way Navigator.
    • TopOfflineViewer - Save and load web pages from the SD card with your favorite web browser.
    • TopRingtoneInstaller - The simplest way to install polyphonic ringtones to your smartphone!
    • TopSelecText - Highlight text with the 5-Way Navigator. Dial numbers pressing Shift+Center.
    • TopShortCuts - Rediscover shortcuts - the feature that is missing on Treo phones!
    • TopSignalOnKeyguard - Phone range/signal and battery level indicator on the Keyguard.
    • TopVCardReceiver - Save vCard objects received via SMS directly to your Contacts.

    Who gives more?
    Post your candidates!
    RNS:: software for your Treo!
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    Hi RaNo

    I do use your TopOffLineViewer on my Sprint 700p. It's an excellent app and I use frequently.

    But, I would have to vote for Shimon of SHSH software. based on what I have bought licences for. I own 8 licenses, 2 for TakePhone? 2 for 2Day, 2 for 4Cast and 2 for 2Dial. I use Shimon's apps on 2 Palm OS devices.

    Not only are the apps top quality, but Shimon is always available to his customers. Just as you and Jeff Gibson are also.

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    Hmm. ReNo votes for Reno stuff!

    I'm a fan of Hobbyist. PowerHero, Butler, Phone Technician and Reset Doctor are all essentials on my 680.

    I also rate DateBk as I've used it from my IIIxe upwards, even if it's excluded from the criteria...
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    I would place it more in the quality of the applications and what meets serious user needs. For me, email is an important factor, hence ChatterEmail / Mark is a big winner. For me, the calender is an important day-to-day feature, hence DateBook6 / CESD is a big winner. For me, telephone usage is very important, hence TakePhone / Shimon is a big winner. Integration is also very important, hence almost all of Shimon's applications are winners. The list is huge. Control of the device is also very important, hence a number of Rob's applications live on my 700P/Centros.

    All of the above are important to me and all represent quality and service. Basing a rating on just number is not adequate. Basing it more on what is needed is a goal I am more interested in.
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    I vote for Shimon at ShSh.
    I use 2Day, 4cast and TAKEphOne.
    2Day is my most used and most valubale app.

    I also have TopSelectText and TopNavText from RaNo.

    These are the only developers from which I have multiple apps.

    Good Luck
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    I'd have to agree with the quality over quantity philosophy mentioned above as well.

    Here are the apps / developers I have come to love & can no longer live without:

    All of the SHSH apps by Shimon
    (2day, TAKEphone, 4cast, etc... I use them all every day & they make the Treo a much more powerful & streamlined device.)

    TouchLauncher by Ryhor Burakou
    (My personal favorite among the myriad of launchers out there... a beautiful launcher that works incredibly well. Simple & elegant.)

    Kinoma Player 4 EX by Kinoma
    (Purchased this app a while back with the sole intention of listening to wma's. Once I started playing with it, I use it for everything now... podcasts, video, inet radio, etc. Excellent player that is very stable.)

    Just my .02... L8R
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    SHSH apps by Shimon:
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    For Game softwares, I pick astraware. I play many of their games.
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    I think it should be, who's apps actually work. GoTreoSoftware, Kinoma & SHSH software.
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    I think RNS provides some of the best tools to improve functionality and simplicity but as for style and/or appearance I have to go with gx-5 or ShSh. As for launchers Id have to side with ZLauncher for its customization, Touchlauncer is pretty nice also. Initiate is great to use for iphone imitation because of the ibar plugin from takephone. As for skinning, I go with SkinUI and Skinner. File management, photos, and Backup are handled by Resco apps. Astraware is definitely the best game maker.

    Currently I am running TakephONE, Initiate, Touchbook, KeyGEx, SkinUI, Skinner, TopAreaCodes, RescoBackup, RescoExplorer and Resco Photoviewer.

    I like RNS and most of their software but most of it is out of date and not needed as much by newer Treo/Centro devices. I would love it if RNS came up with some newer enhancements, especially an improved TopAreaCodes (graphically)

    TO ALL DEVELOPERS: It would be great if someone would develop an all in one themed fully customizable Phone/Launcher/Messaging/File Management/Ringtone/Photo Viewer app. TakephONE is close but no messaging part. UltimatePhone is a little closer but its not themed, jus allows use of background pics and I dont like the white background in the apps part...I dont even know if its possible to make an all in one app that I would almost never have to exit...but it would be awesome and I would definitely pay a nice price for the application.
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    But why create applications that do everything? In my opinion such apps always have a lot of features that you will never use.
    RNS:: software for your Treo!
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    Quote Originally Posted by RaNo View Post
    But why create applications that do everything? In my opinion such apps always have a lot of features that you will never use.
    The same reason why people use a Treo rather than multiple devices - media player, PDA, mobile 'phone and wireless modem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RaNo View Post
    But why create applications that do everything? In my opinion such apps always have a lot of features that you will never use.
    In case u havent noticed by reading alot of the threads in these forums...Most, if not all, treo/centro users are constantly trying to find apps, themes and make the phones better looking and easier to use so that they dont have to go from one app to another to another...And as for features that wont get used...I dont know bout everybody but I use Messaging, Instant and SMS, I use the Phone app, I need contacts, I like to see the photos that I take with the built in camera as well as with other cameras and I like to assign custom ringtones. Im also pretty sure that Im not the only one, so Im not sure what you mean by having alot of features I dont need...These are actually the main reasons that people buy cellphones these days so if someone could create an app that could handle all of this in one and have it look great and customizable then I think it would be a bestseller.

    Takephone and Ultimatephone are the closest to this kind of Mega App and they are in the top ten of most treo/centro Best Selling Software sites.

    By the way RaNo...I do love ur TAC program...any chance of somehow improving the graphcs on the map views?
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    The problem with megaapps like you want is the speed. The bigger it is, the slower it is going to be to load and run. It is better to have a developer build a series of apps with similar skinning abilities than a single large app.
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    Not really cuz Ultimatephone, Takephone, and/or Resco Explorer dont take any longer than a second to load on my phone and all of them are only missing one or 2 of the things I mentioned above, so I dont know how they take so long to load. Also...If there was a megaapp that had all these things in it then I would barely ever have to exit the app so the speed of the app loading still wouldnt be a problem...Ultimatephone has weblinks, photo contacts, contact access, messaging, reject by sms icon support, nicer user interface than OS and calender view. All it would need to meet my Mega App request is some kind of file management, photoviewer, and ringtones. Takephone has all the same except messaging, and its more customizable.

    Both of these programs work instantly on my phone, so how much slower could it get???

    Plus, like I mentioned before...If it was a mega app that handled Phone, Contacts, Messaging, status alerts(ie...Bluetooth, Battery...etc), ringtones, file management and photos then I really wouldnt even need to leave the app except to get on the net, play games, take pics & vids, and a few other little things.
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    Lets Call It WicKedApp for

    WicKedPhoNe - Lets say 10 mb jus for fun

    Compared to...

    UltimatePhone - 3 mb
    TAKEphONE - 2mb
    SkinUI - 1 mb with only one skin loaded on phone
    Skinner - 200k w/ one skin and one slpash on phone
    SMSPager - 400k
    RescoExplorer - 500k
    RescoViewer - 500k
    Icons Plus - 2.5mb w/ 5 iconsets on phone
    TouchBook - 2.5mb
    Ringo - 600k
    SMS Group - 200k
    TAC - 200k

    11 Apps - 11.6mb (using Ultimate)
    11 Apps - 10.6mb (using TAKEphONE)

    Plus wouldnt the phone be more stable and reliable running one app instead of running most of this in the background or jumping from one to another??

    I do see where you guys are coming from...but if someone made this WicKedApp and did a good job (Shimon of ShSh or gx-5) then I think it would be less than 10mb, fast enough, great looking and extremely stable and if Shimon made it then it wouldnt be a problem to ask his advice on this
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