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    I tried the search and didn't find anything.

    Has anyone tried the Ant z9i bt headset. Most importantly do the voice controls work on the 755p?


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    I've got one. It works really well. My only compaint is that its just a shade more comfortable than the Jawbone.
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    I was just searching for this information!
    I bought one (red) for my wife. I works very well HOWEVER, there is a beep tone that happens every minute or so. When the tone happens, the BT headphone indicator on her 755p goes light blue, then returns to a headphone symbol.
    This does not happen while on a call, oddly enough. But, wearing the device and waiting for a call to come in results in a beep-a-minute.
    Any thoughts?

    Thank you!

    BTW - I don't think she has tried the voice controls yet... How would she give it a shot?
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    Hum... I tried my old (used for a week) Treo 755p and did not get the problem. Her's has Treo version 1_07 and mine has the older 1_04 software...
    Can you tell me what version your Treo is on?
    Go to phone, menu, options, phone info. Should say something like "Treo755p-1.07-SPNT"...
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    I've got the 1.07 version. From time to time it will beep... I've found that to be the case with all bluetooth devices I've tried
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    But, yours isn't happening every minute is it?
    I took my old Treo 755p and setup the 9i on it and other than the first connect, I didn't experience any beeps during my half hour test.
    I'm heading to Sprint tomorrow for an exchange.
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    I did the upgrade and while the sound is adequate, it beeps constantly. Very annoying. Hopefully BlueAnt will come up with a fix for this soon. I have the z9i.
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    Oh bummer... OK. Maybe we'll have to exchange it for another model like the Jawbone II.... I'll report back!

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