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    Hi group: I'll try to be brief.

    Go to Palm Desktop/Calendar/WeekView.

    Click on that Monday morning 8:00 re-occuring meeting and drag it to 9:30.

    You get a "Repeating Event" balloon asking if you want to change it permanently.

    How do I make that balloon go away? Many appy offer a "Turn off confirmation" option.

    Is there something to solve this?

    Thanks in advance.
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    The balloon I get asks if I want to change Current, Future, All, or Cancel.. To my knowledge no way to disable this from popping up.

    Palm Desktop v. 4.2
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    If the change was for one-time, then select Current. If for that Monday and all Mondays going forward, select Future. Selecting All will change every record of the event, past, present and future to the new time. You must make a selection because you changed the event.

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