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    I wanted to know the difference between the Palm Treo 680 International Version and Palm Treo 680 US Version.

    I think the main question would be: Is there such thing as International Version or US Version?

    As far as I know, Palm Treo 680 is a Quad Band device .... so why is there such thing as versions!

    In case you are wondering where did I came with such aspect, I was looking for unlocked Treo 680 on Amazon and I found these version.
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    I don't think the version has any bearing on the hardware, just perhaps the firmware.

    I bought my 680 in the United Kingdom and the keyboard is "biased" towards the US version - option H shows the $ symbol on the keyboard as the best example.
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    Thanks pal, I thought the same thing all along!

    One more thing, would any of you advice me to get the Centro or to go ahead with the 680?
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    Yeah on balance I recommend the Centro over the 680. Both are very similar devices, but the Centro's smaller form factor, superior stability and cheaper initial price win over.

    Don't get me wrong, my 680 is a great piece of kit, but Charlie's Centro is probably superior... She certainly thinks it is!
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    On the other hand.....if keyboard size & screen size are an issue for you, the 680 is the way to go. I'm still loving mine!
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    Yes absolutely. I did waffle on at length that neither has a good enough screen for watching movies or keyboard for heavy duty text entry, but decided to delete it.

    Both work with a Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard!
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    How about Screen Brightness and Speaker Loudness?

    I don't want to miss many calls because the Speaker is not loud enough, you know what I mean.
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    I have a Centro and a 680. I think the screen is brighter on the 680 and the speaker is louder on the Centro (680 is still plenty loud).
    My Centro had screen trouble after about 6 months so I sent it in for repair. While it was being repaired I used a 680 I got from a friend for a back up phone. I now have the Centro back but have gotten used to the 680. Both are good phones but the signal value on the 680 is much better. After all, it's first a phone and then a PDA. I think the Centro is now going to be my back up phone.
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    Charlie almost always has her Centro on silent mode as she isn't supposed to have a mobile at her office. My 680, on the other hand, is usually set to be as loud as possible...

    As for screen brightness, I can't comment; mine is usually set to be dim, Charlie likes her device to be brighter.

    For signal - at least on our network in the UK - we don't see any difference for either GSM or GPRS / EDGE. Charlie does find Blazer slow, but she doesn't use it much. I'm always on Blazer on my 680...
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    Thanks guys, you were a big help to me!

    I went on and ordered the Treo 680. I like its look more then the Centro's. I am a guy with big palm and big thumbs, so Centro will make alot of problems to me.

    Also, since I am probably going to keep it for two year then turning it into a backup phone, because I am going to buy the second, hopefully, version of the Nova-Based phone, I went with the Cheaper unlocked phone. (Treo 680's $200 compared with Centro's $320)

    Sorry, this post turned to be an essay .

    Regards for all, and Thank you again.

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