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    I did a search because I know I remember seeing this problem, but I cannot seem to find the thread. My SD card is not recognized after a reset. I must take the card out and re-insert it. Isn't there a 3rd party app to help with this? thanks in advance!
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    There is a long standing bug in the PalmOS that causes the SD card to be "lost" after reset in some units. What happens is that the OS sends a message to every single application saying "this is a post-reset powerup, is there anything you need to do?"

    This allows applications to re-register themselves or do whatever other housekeeping is needed after a reset.

    The problem is, that if you have enough apps (or apps that take more time than typical to respond to the wakeup call) the mounting of the SD card basically times out.

    The fix is to limit the number of apps that get sent this "wakeup call". There are several ways of accomplishing this. One is to move apps to the SD card, as only RAM resident apps are initialized. The other is to use a program such as CleanStart (free) or FixBoot (paid) to select only those programs which _must_ have the reset notification. As a tip, those applications that modify how the system works, those that have a background mode, and those which have alarms, require the reset notification.

    Hope this helps!
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    There's some apps out there that help prevent this palm os bug also. I believe safeguard does this.
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    what other apps work?
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    Paul gave you some others already.

    Cleanstart is a good way to limit what apps are given the wakeup call. It takes some fine tuning though as you can end up with odd behaviors if you uncheck the wrong apps.
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    are there any apps that just let your SD card be "seen"?
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    The problem isn't really related to the card itself. Paul explained why it occurs. If you have too many apps waking up, the mount can time out. So unless you limit the amount of apps that are given the wakeup you could end up with the problem again no matter what.

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