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    i have had my centro for over a month now.. and i am wondering if anyone else is experiencing the phone getting hot when you are on a call.. i dont mean a little warm, i mean hot.. like it hurts to continue holding it. over all i am not happy with the phone itself.. but not alot i can do about it right now
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    must be a really "heated" conversation

    (I had to honest, I tried but I couldn't resist)
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    They all do it after extended phone calls - and the call does not need to be that long. I have had that happen with all of the Palm and WM devices I have had.
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    All phones get hot/warm after some conversations. Some phones just get hotter than others. Check your battery and see if that's where the heat is getting from.
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    lol deibelsan its all good ty all for the replies.. i havent had a chance to check it out yet.. havent been on the phone the last couple days but i check next time i am on the phone

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