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    I'm a veteran Palm user with a simple problem on my 755p. Can't figure out how to move SMS messages into the Saved (or any other) folder. Have even gone so far as to read the Tips. Tip 7: Highlight the message and open the menus and select Copy to Saved folder.

    Have done this, and I just don't see the Copy to menu item.

    Any tips?
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    I just tried it with my treo 755. You can't do it from the main inbox. It has to be done for each individual message in a chat. Open the chat, and select a text. Press menu and you will see copy to saved folder.

    I also hoped I could do it for the entire chat, as opposed to individual texts.

    I hope this helps.

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    Thanks, Craig. That worked. I guess I see the logic in it, since there are often only a few snippets of a chat worth saving. Not a real intuitive feature, though.
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    I wouldn't call that a feature really, more like an "OOPS! We forgot to fix that, sorry"
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