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    My wife and I's new Centros are on the FedEx truck being delivered as I type. Being new to the Palm world, what are the must haves to spruce it up? My wife was a little hesitant going to the Palm, so I want to dress hers up a bit to make the interface look a bit more like what she is used to seeing on a regular cell phone. Takephone looks like one to me, are there any other must haves? Thanks!
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    Please use the search tool...your questions have been asked and answered endlessly. Do a search and a wealth of information will be revealed.
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    Sorry to bother you, way to help the new guy. I did search and I asked because I know there are always new things coming out, and being new to the Centro, I didn't even know what to search for.
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    searching for "centro must have apps" yields this thread.

    There is also the features thread that is pinned to the top of this forum. Spend an hour looking through the threads in this forum and you should find the basics. After that, ask about the specific questions you might have.
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    Welcome to the centro world. Two programs I would recommend are Treo Launcher and Butler. Treo Launcher allows you to customize your treo's appearance by adding wallpapers... Butler has a lot of use ranging from alarms to led control. Khroma is a nice free app which allows one to change the color scheme of the phone.
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    Here is another thread in the Centro forum about applications. It should give you some good ideas.

    There is a forum here at TreoCentral that is dedicated to Palm OS Apps called "Palm OS Apps." Browse through it, and you should get more good ideas.

    People generally expect you to spend a little time looking for yourself before you ask a question. There are good reasons for that. First, there is a wealth of information here and you can greatly benefit from it if you just look around. Second, there is no sense having hundreds of threads asking the same question.

    Good luck!
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    Start with NVBackup. It's free, and can be set to automatically do a backup when you're asleep. Luckily, I had it doing so when I had to exchange my Centro on day three of ownership. Just popped the card from the old to the new Centro, ran Restore, and was back up with no problems.
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    Takephone to spruce up your wifes imo.
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    Another really neat app is DialByPhoto Check it out at TreoCentral.
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