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    Yeah, I know this is a dumb question. I never really cared whether an app was on Device RAM or on the SD card until I started using Tryda. It integrates with Google Maps (no My Location feature) unless version is installed on the SD card.

    I've searched here and on Google, and I get incomplete instructions, like use Copy in the Launcher "or run it from there." I look and do not see a way to run the PRC file from the card using the Application Launcher or FileZ. If I use Blazer to download to RAM, I get "Save and Open." If I download to the card, I'm only offered to save it.

    So can someone share instructions for a tech dinosaur over 40?
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    If you use an alternate launcher (like TreoLnchr) you can launch programs from card located in \Palm\Launcher
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    Thanks for the reply. I'll look into that launcher.

    I found the solution I was looking for:

    1) Open Palm's Applications Launcher (usually mapped to the HOME key).
    2) From the menu drop down (accessed using the bottom, right-most key), choose Copy.
    3) Find the app you want to move to the MicroSD Card (like Google Maps).
    4) Set Copy To: to Card.
    5) Set From: to Phone.
    6) Press the Copy button. Wait for the process to complete.
    7) Press Done.

    You can use Applications Launcher to delete the program from internal memory, if you wish. However, if the program is in ROM (read-only memory), you won't be able to delete it.

    Hope this helps, if anyone ever searches on it.

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