Ok I got a lil problem recently...I had my 755p for a while now and I used to install programs by hotsyncing using the cable but I had to do a hard reset to install the update to the treo which I just recently found out about...Well a few weeks ago I put my phone in the cup holder of my car and didnt realize it had a lil bit of water in it...my phone kept on hotsyncing for awhile then I let it cool off and now hotsync doesn't even work from the cable anymore. I dont have any bluetooth adapter for my pc so I'm wondering how I'm suppose to install some programs to my Treo. I transfered some files using my mini sd card and reader but I can't get some things installed correctly on the device...Both Butler and Takephone installs on the sd card but I want it installed on my rom/device...Is there a way to do it ?... I don't have any problems with programs that only have one installer but it's a problem with Takephone which have multiple files....Is there any kind of prc standalone installer that I can place on my sd card and run it and let me choose to install in on my device or sd card?