I noticed there are several existing topics deal with 1.12 ROW, however, I believe my issue is unique enough to warrant a separate topic. Thank you all for the understanding and help.

Issue with Treo 680 – unlocked GSM

Just upgraded to 1.12 ROW

In Contact List, with Security set to HIDE RECORDS, for contact list with LAST Name starts with letter W, X, Y, Z (these names are NOT in “Private” status), can not be seen. However, once the Security is set to SHOW RECORES, then these names can be seen.

In addition, I have tested it by input a new name - Ethen Zabara, it is the same results as above.

And I sync and re-sync multiple times, I received the same result.

In Palm Desktop application, I have no such issue.

I tested it repeatedly and received the same results.

Is this a known problem with this 1.12 ROW?

Any fix? If not, how do I roll back?