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    getting kinda sick of this

    there's no media conduit in hotsync

    someone help me out??

    i uninstalled palm desktop - downloaded the latest-and-greatest version available, installed it and... STILL can't get my pics to show up on my PC


    help me?


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    Kinda need a little more information to be of any real help...

    What version of Windows or what OS are you using?

    What version of the Palm Desktop are your using?

    What Palm product are your using (I imagine its a 755p since its in this forum, just being sure tho) ?

    I'll try to help if I can .
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    The conduit for media is on the cd that came with the phone. It is not available as a download. If you install the cd version first and then install the downloaded version, you will have the media conduit.
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    If you are able to get the media conduit to appear and you still can't get you pictures to show up on your PC, try setting your media conduit to "Handheld Overwrites Desktop".

    Several months ago I could not get media to sync and get my pictures to show up on my laptop and I finally decided to do the above. It worked and no issues since.

    Good Luck
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    i am doing only the online download - i'll have to look around to see if i have a CD somewhere...

    and details.....
    - XPhomeSP3
    - 414e
    - 755p

    thx for the words of advice - will see if this does the trick!
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