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    I just got my Centro out of the box and while trying some of the apps I found out that my camera has a strange problem.

    When I point the camera to something the images shows in the display in green scale. And after taking the picture the image is also in green scale. I thought it could be a installation problem and performed a hard reset, but the camera was still with the problem.

    I downloaded Photos HQ to check if the problem was related to the camera software in the Centro and it also showed the green scale. But some times is showed the images in color. A not perfect color, but it was color. This happened very quick, but it happened. I took some pictures but the colors in the computer didn't appear that great.

    So, I tried a costume ROM but the camera still didn't work properly. I'm starting to think this might me a hardware problem and if this is the case, I'm in trouble because this was a donation device and I guess it will be quite hard to get it replaced

    Any ideas to help me solve this problem?
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    I'm no expert on digital cameras, but there are 3 primary colors a lot of digital devices use to reproduce and capture color: Red, Green, and Blue (RGB). I would guess that -- at the hardware level -- green is the only part that is working.

    A donation device is a unique issue. I would contact Palm Customer Service and explain the situation and see if they can arrange a replacement, either with them or the phone's carrier (Sprint, Verizon, AT&T).

    Support information: Choose your carrier. Contact info varies by carrier.
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    Downseven, there is one problem with having Palm do a repair on the phone now or even replacing it. He flashed it with a custom rom, they will not work on or replace phones that have been openned by a technician that is not Palm certified, had liquid spills on them, or custom roms flashed to them. He would have to have the ROM back to original for any hope.
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    That totally slipped my mind. The custom ROM definitely complicates things.
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    Yup sure does. I only found that info out when I contacted them for TS on my centro. Because End all calls doesnt come up on my display no matter how many times I hard reset the phone. I was readin the guidelines on repairs and that was part of the "we will not repair or replace a phone if..." section.
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    I had the green image problem. turned out to be overclocking issues with Lightspeed. Turning off the software resolved the issue. Causes and effects are discussed in other threads on the board.


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