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    Here's something I spotted at

    Fax software from Mark/Space. Lets you send faxes from your PDA (wireless or modem based). Looks pretty neat.

    One thing I learned after reading it over is that the handspring modem also doubles as a class 1/2 fax modem! Don't recall reading about that in the description of the modem, but maybe i just missed it. at $40, i may just have to get one now...
    software is still in beta, and from what i read in the FAQ needs a little more work, but it looks rather nifty.

    yet another cool thing to show off
    Version: 3.12
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    -----END GEEK CODE BLOCK-----
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    And the HS modem works good as a fax. I used to use Symantec's WinFax for Palm OS. It worked great except that the screen is so small, scrolling around the fax page isn't really worth it. I used it for a while but found it was too time consuming to try and send a fax or read a received fax.

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